Love is in the air!

Love for Arts

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Today was an OK day except that this month’s hormonal overload did NOT send me an RSVP so I wasn’t prepared for it! It took me a while to realize why I was so sad (OK… depressed and overwhelmed if you must know the truth). PMS can do that to a gal.

As I walked into my front door this evening my dog came trotting over saying in doggie language  “I love you, I’m so happy to see you, Arf” .  My husband was standing in the kitchen smiling and saying in hubby language “I love you, I’m so happy to see you, Smootch”.  Turns out today was a GREAT day!

Show someone  how much they mean to you.     It will make their day a GREAT day!


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KISS Off: what’s buggin you?

The Biting Pear of Salamanca

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I’m sitting outside to write as I frequently do.  The summer heat is finally subsiding and is pleasant.  I knew these *&!% bugs would be present but figured it’s a bit windy, they won’t bite me.  WRONG!!!  I already have 5 bites on both feet, ankles, back and legs!  Ahhhh  – I CANT STAND IT ANYMORE, where’s the bug spray!!! Yes, I can be stubborn that way …

Moral of the story:

Keep It Simple Silly! (K.I.S.S.)

I’m well aware that if I choose not to use the insect repellent I will be bitten – I need to keep some nearby at all times.

For those other things that “bug” me…  I must find a solution to handle them OR remove myself from the situation!

It’s the simple things we do to keep our sanity in check… who needs the added aggravation of biting insects to drive you crazy.  Apply your solution!

K.I.S.S.   (Keep It Simple Silly!)