It’s Just a Turkey Sandwich

turkey sandwich from Thanksgiving leftovers

Image by kthread via Flickr

Two weeks ago my hubby came home to tell me about this awesome turkey sandwich he and his dad had for lunch at a new restaurant; how fresh and tasty it was with all the makin’s saying ” You’d love it!”.

That’s it…now  I MUST have my own awesome turkey sandwich experience (but with sprouts)!Since then I’ve been resisting the urge for this awesome turkey sandwich because I’m on a mission to eat healthier via less processed meats, no packaged foods, more fruits and veggies, blah, blah, blah…

To satisfy my craving I made a yummy tuna salad with easy mayo, lots of red onions, black seedless grapes, and pecan bits.  Then I used two romaine lettuce leafs instead of bread, layered each with fresh sprouts and added the tuna salad.  It was delicious!  Yet this lingering NEED to have an awesome turkey sandwich with sprouts just wouldn’t go away!

So…yesterday I stopped into a local deli to get my awesome turkey sandwich.  It was simply multigrain wheat bread, thick shaved turkey breast, sprouts, provolone cheese, easy lettuce and easy mayo.

After parking my truck in a quiet shady area to enjoy my lunch I settled in.  Once the wrapper was removed revealing my very own awesome turkey sandwich I was met with disdain.  I had to take it apart to dismantle the huge bulge of turkey that sat in the middle of each half.  What a pain in the ars;  the sprouts were falling onto my lap , the lettuce sliding around  and mayo smeared on my fingers.  I was determined to have the turkey evenly spread throughout each half so every single bite would be just as tasty as the last one; oh, and it’s definitely easier to eat that way.

I’m sure you can remember a time or two when you ordered your own awesome sandwich and it was delivered to you in disarray; as though the person who made it just didn’t care.  I’m willing to bet they wouldn’t like their turkey sandwich all clumped into one big, messy pile either; certainly they too would “fix” it or complain about it.

Do I really care if the person behind the deli counter “cared” about “my” sandwich?   Kinda.

Could I have made a better turkey sandwich?   Maybe.

Did I enjoy this unkempt awesome turkey sandwich anyway?   You betcha!

Am I grateful that I could enjoy this super fresh and tasty sandwich any time I wished to?   Absolutely!!

Nope…  It was not just another turkey sandwich.

It was this beautiful message that our desires and passions cannot be squelched; they motivate us.  Eventually they find a way to surface and deserve to be nurtured and brought to fruition with care and grace.  It was a reminder that I’m blessed to live in a country where both food and choice  are plentiful; that I am healthy and have the ability to take care of myself.  To be thankful for what I DO have and to keep an open mind and heart while remaining playful in spirit.

Because Thanksgiving Day is upon us I’m doubly reminded of how grateful I am that the needs in my life are met.  I am grateful that I am able to enjoy the simple luxuries of life.  I am grateful for my family and friends and new beginnings.  I am humbled by the challenges life throws my way keeping attitude in check; reminding me of subtle opportunities and to recognize and cherish each one while embracing evolution.

Yep…all while enjoying my unkempt awesome turkey sandwich!

May you feel blessed and may you be grateful today and every day.

I hope you have a truly wonderful Thanksgiving!

~ Life is Abundant ~