Rose-Colored Glasses. What’s your shade?


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The phrase “looking through rose colored glasses” was said to date as far back as 1850 from a book “Tom Brown at Oxford” By Thomas Hughes (822-1896).

This phrase is generally known to imply that your view of the world might be naive in that you only see the positive aspect and not the negative; is unrealistic; or having an attitude that things are better than they really are. Is that really such a bad thing?

While in my truck at a stoplight recently I noticed a young man in the car next to me watching a young woman run across the intersection with a small child in her arms. He was so intent on watching her that his head turned way past his shoulder.

Was he interested in her cute pink shorts and all that bounces as she ran by?

Did she look like someone he knew? Maybe he was reminded of a child he’s no longer with. Maybe he had a “someday” wish while taking in the whole picture. I honestly have no idea what was going through this guy’s mind as to why he watched her so intently. What I do know is that I caught myself imposing a split-second perception based on previous experiences and proposed stereotypes. That’s what creates judgment – the kind of judgment that creates the “great divide” among us.

Judgment must be used with positive energy for making good decisions; originating from your heart’s center, your common sense and logical thought. There is no room for negativity which hurts our self and others. When used negatively it only creates self-doubt and gaping wounds. Keeping my personal experiences and perceptions separate from “judgment” can be a difficult task – it takes practice; it takes personal courage, hope and grace.

When I practice judgment without a pre-conceived notion I am happier, I am expanded; I become utterly positive about me, others, life and all it offers. Remember… there is no yin without the yang!

You might say I’m looking through rose-colored glasses! What’s your shade? 🙂

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