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A Lively State of Mind…

…is a light-hearted take on random thoughts.

Are these random thoughts only mental chatter to be silenced?

Maybe inner-voices providing guidance?

Possibly opportunities for deeper exploration?

Offering insights to good health and peace within?

Sometimes I need a little nudge to get out of my head and suspect I’m not the only one.   Bringing “mental chatter” out of mind and into heart & soul is a good thing!

The motto behind Scentiment Soul ™ Aromatherapy is:

Lift your Spirits  –  Free Your Mind  –  Feel the Difference

I’d like to carry that forward with “A Lively State of Mind” collection of random thoughts.  Your participation is of course encouraged!  I’m always inspired by other’s perspectives and enjoy learning something new. You, too, can inspire others.

I look forward to mind-mingling with you!


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