About Scentiment Soul™

Scentiment Soul  Aromatherapy

LIft your Spirits * Free your Mind * Feel the Difference
My inspiration came from wanting to give a personalized gift to someone who had a great deal of passion for her craft in which she shared with me. During this time, I was undergoing a great deal of growth and awareness; turns out it required a LOT of personal courage on my part. My gift to her, “Grace” was symbolic of the amount of grace she held within her spirit; how it allowed me to exercise my personal courage without fear of judgement. The “Scentiments” were chosen to represent what I believe to be the core motivators in feeling good about ourselves, being grateful for our lives and in having compassion for those around us. A healthy way of living; a healthy way of being.

Sceniment Soul ™  exists because I am moved by scent and wanted to wear something beautiful and chemical free. Utilizing our sense of smell with words of symbolism seemed like an obvious combination. Scentiment Soul ™ also aligns with Chakras if you are into that type of energy work. Additionally, try building a routine of intention each time you inhale and  wear one which is sure to assist in your own personal journey. Scentiment Soul ™ Aromatherapy embodies pure and natural essential oils, no preservatives.  A healthy and responsible alternative to synthetic perfumes. They are visually appealing to immediately engage you while creating an inviting sense of calm. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do creating them!



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