Butt Naked About Fear


Image by Ben McLeod via Flickr

Yep…  I’d say that about sums up how I felt through a great deal of my life; “butt” let’s reference someone else first  ♥

 (Names changed to protect the innocent…)  June was asked to facilitate a major meeting in Corporate America.  She was new to this company and her role.  Sweat beads rolling down her cheeks,  she composes herself  and moves into the front of the room.  Getting  everyone’s attention she announces the meeting is beginning and to please turn off your cell phones as this is a highly focused meeting.  Immediately her own phone starts buzzing. While she quickly  fumbles for it she says, “I’m SO sorry, let me turn off my vibrator”.  Of course the room roared with laughter!

Depending on the person,  you’re either belly laughing about an honest mistake and see it as a welcome ice-breaker  OR  you’re completely mortified into a frozen state of affairs with un-ending negative self-talk to follow… which probably prevents you from EVER exposing yourself again in ANY situation… EVER!!

Take a deep breath, quiet your mind. 

Experience each situation with an objective point of view; no judgment.  

It feels amazing!

Getting Butt Naked:  Find that pit in your stomach and cough it up – step into it with all your heart and soul.  You’ll enjoy a great sense of pride and accomplishment when you believe in yourself.  Remember to add a pinch of humor keeping it fun and pain free!

Continued below…

Get butt naked – enjoy the freedom!


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 One of my “butt naked” stories occurred during a company sponsored volunteer event for Junior Achievement at an inner-city 5th grade classroom for homeless children. I was scared to death to volunteer teach for several reasons. I’ve listed all of them to make a point.

Fear of speaking in front of a group (students and faculty)

Fear of making mistakes because I had not prepared as well as I could have

Fear the kids won’t like or listen to me

         Fear I had nothing to offer and I’ll end up embarrassing myself thinking I do

Fear that I look horrible in this stupid red volunteer t-shirt which is sooo NOT my color

Fear that I won’t be taken seriously because I’m overweight

Fear that I won’t be taken seriously because my skin and hair are not “normal”

Fear that my co-workers will think I’m a total idiot once I start talking

Fear that I would say something inappropriate that offends or gets me in trouble

Fear that I’m not smart enough to teach even though they are 5th graders and I’m an adult

 WOW! All that fear and nobody said a word….yet.

So I’m gettin’ my groove on thinking  the kids like me after all and I really am doing well with the materials. I noticed one of the girls who had been clinging to my side all day (and seriously quiet), was glaring at me.  She finally says, “Why do you have that hole in your face?”  (I have an enlarged pore on my right cheek.)

 …OK … so someone DID notice that my skin is not “normal” and what do I say now?  I said, “Because I learned later in life that I needed to take special care of my skin, otherwise it becomes damaged – so make sure you wash your face and brush your teeth at least twice a day.”  I survived that day and hopefully imparted a small bit of wisdom on skin care! 

 The point is that no matter a corporate meeting or a 5th grade classroom;  fear can run very deep and rule your life.   Fear zaps your energy – I wanted to be free of it.  The only way was by putting myself in front of it and working it through –  one step at a time.  Besides, this volunteer effort was not about me; it was about these homeless kids.  It just happened to be a great opportunity for me to “work it out”.

Combatting Fear:

The only way to defeat debilitating fear is to face it head-on with a smile. (easier said than done but definitely possible!)

One Step at a Time:

1.  Acknowledge your specific fear(s); identify them aloud and/or in front of a mirror. (take note of any physical sensation- and where you feel it – when you say them aloud)

2. Congratulate yourself for addressing them! (I know it sounds weird but it really does bond you  with the experience)

3. Write a list of your fear(s) and what  triggers them.    (just start with the list and save the triggers for later if your not sure about what they are)

4.  Confide in someone you trust, whom you feel safe with and can give you moral support. (start privately in front of a mirror if you are not ready to share) 

5.  Practice is a must; each time you face a fear it begins to melt away and your self confidence soars! 

6.  Be patient with yourself, it takes time.

7. Take a deep breathe and be proud of yourself for taking action towards a happier, healthier you!

Please reply with your own “butt naked” stories and tips on how you combat fear – we could all use the inspiration!

Be Courageous!

Scentiment Soul Aromatherapy ™


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3 thoughts on “Butt Naked About Fear

  1. Many thanks for sharing Tosca!!! beautiful!!! well written!!! continued success.

  2. Melanie says:

    You inspire me, Tosca! You sure know how to grab that courage, tuck it under your arm, jump over that fear and make it happen!

  3. Yvette says:

    Love this. Love the vulnerability and courage. I believe the greatest weapon we have over fear is to shine a spotlight right on it. It’s amazing how it begins to evaporate from that point. I was recently praying and heard God say, “Darling, you have so much fear.” What?! No I don’t. “I may have fear sometimes but it doesn’t have me,” I said. (I guess I believed I wasn’t fearful because I didn’t let fear stop me. But that’s not that same as not having fear.) I had to sit with some friends and lay down several areas in my life where I was feeling fear. As I did, I began to see how much of it was in fact controlling me. Ugh. I didn’t like to admit that. But – in doing so, much of the “fears” dissipated and the reality of love, life and joy in my life came into focus.

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